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Writings by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

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Presented with simplicity and clarity, this new Meditation book will take you from the beginning stages of concentration and meditation through the advanced practice of contemplation and higher states of consciousness.

Sri Chinmoy's writings belong to the ancient stream of wisdom teaching is that elevate meditation to the sacred and restore its deeper purpose of spiritual awakening and self-knowledge.

Topics include:

A structured step-by-step guide to meditation.
Techniques that anyone can learn.
Developing your power of concentration.
How to find, and keep, lasting inner peace.
The secret power of the heart to calm the busy mind
Practical advice for work and life situations
Breaking through negative emotions like anger and fear.
How to unfold your deepest spiritual self.

Plus special sections where Sri Chinmoy answers over 100 questions on a wide range of experiences often encountered in meditation.

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Suitable for both beginners and advanced seekers who wish to explore the world of meditation.

Whether meditation is something new to you or an established practice in your life, the discovery of the endless treasures that it brings is an ever-unfolding adventure. Meditation is a path leading us within; we follow it with the help of aspiration, our inner cry for happiness, love and truth. Once we begin to discover the beauty of a silent mind and a peace-flooded heart we realise that this inner journey never ends.

This book is intended as a daily life manual relevant accessible simple and eminently practical that will lead you into a world of meditation exercises from the very first page.

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‘Life is not boring to one who believes in adventure. Adventure does not mean that you have to climb up the tallest mountain. To allow new ideas, fresh ideas, healthy ideas to enter into your mind – that is adventure.’ – Sri Chinmoy

Life, like any adventure, has challenges. To overcome them and find peace, we seek practical, lasting solutions.

With selections from the writings of Sri Chinmoy on numerous aspects of our everyday life, this book introduces us to a modern spiritual lifestyle with a particular focus on health, diet, sport, family life and the workplace.

There is a vaster realm of our selves, the realm of the soul, which inspires and fulfills our outer life. Let us open our hearts. New adventure beckons...

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Colour Kingdom

Page after vibrant page describes the inner significance of 52
different colours, with translations into German, French and Italian.

Colour is something that charms and fascinates our outer sight.
Colour is something that enlightens and illumines our inner vision.
Sri Chinmoy

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Sri Chinmoy’s Heart-Garden

A delightful book of aphorisms for joy and inspiration These handpicked aphorisms, each echoing like a struck Himalayan bell, are the wisdom of ancient and eternal truths infused with modern insights. Open your heart, silence your mind and embrace these soul-searching truths. May their insight be the companion and guide to the seeker in you through your life’s journey!

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An inspirational pocket book of angel aphorisms.

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A beautiful pocket book of inspirational aphorisms on ever-new spiritual unfoldment.

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Inspirational thoughts for young minds.

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How often do we express the hope that by God’s Grace something significant will take place in our lives? Or perhaps we recognise that because of God’s boundless Grace our lives have already been blessed far beyond our imagination.

In this small volume, the first in a new series focusing on the manifold ways in which God touches each and every life, Sri Chinmoy descibes the constant flow of Grace from Above and explains how we can become more receptive to it.

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Mistakes are an inevitable and perhaps necessary part of human life. Sometimes we do the wrong thing consciously, at other times unconsciously. No matter whether our mistakes are grave or minor, there comes a point when we need forgiveness­—from God, from others whom we have hurt, even from ourselves.

In this book Sri Chinmoy offers us his illumining guidance on how we may seek the divine Forgiveness that will not only transform our lives, but grant us the promise of a cloudless new beginning.

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Our very existence on Earth depends on God’s Compassion, yet its meaning eludes us. Sri Chinmoy explains that to understand Compassion, we must first recognise it; and, to recognise it, we must first experience it. It is God’s Compassion that is moulding us, guiding us and illumining us at every step of our journey through life. The more we cry to God for Compassion, the more He inundates us. In return, Sri Chinmoy says, God asks only that we distribute this Compassion to our fellow earth-travellers.

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Love enlarges our hearts. To offer love to another human being, to the world, or to God is the greatest gift of life.

Love enriches every moment, every act. And, because we are only human, we long to be loved in return. Alas, human love is fleeting; the world is unloving. Only in God do we find a Beloved whose love for us is eternal and unconditional. Sri Chinmoy vividly describes how God loves us more than we can ever imagine. Through his eyes, we begin to fathom the true nature of divine love.

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What should we do when someone we love dies? Who can console us? What happens when someone passes beyond the Curtain of Eternity into death, the World Beyond.

The World Beyond may be unknown, but it is not unknowable. In this insightful and uplifting book, Sri Chinmoy shares inner secrets and profound insights about what happens after death.

Sri Chinmoy offers solace and a new realm of hope in the face of death. He explains that the afterlife does exist, and that it is not something alien, to be feared, but a normal and natural experience that everyone shares.

This book contains priceless wisdom about this world and the World Beyond, and offers deep consolation and inspiration.

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On Wings of Silver Dreams

With their prophetic messages, dreams can offer us deep inner wisdom. They may foretell the future, reveal the solution to a problem or give us a spiritual experience. We are healed by dreaming of a beloved friend or family member. How can we decipher dreams that come to us?

Sri Chinmoy guides us through the confusing labyrinth, teaching us to understand the significance of some common dreams, and to gain some control over the kinds of dreams we have.

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Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha

A book of spiritual plays

Who exactly was the Buddha? The light of Lord Buddha has shone like a beacon for centuries, calling men from across the sea of darkness. Like lost children, millions of seekers have reached out to the light and the Buddha has shown them the Way.

In these ten plays, adapted from incidents in the life of Lord Buddha, Sri Chinmoy conveys the poetry and power of the Buddha’s message.

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A Child’s Heart and a Child’s Dreams

Growing up with spiritual wisdom: A guide for parents and children

Sri Chinmoy offers practical advice on a subject that is not just an idealist’s dream, but a concerned parent’s lifeline: fostering your child’s spiritual life, watching him or her grow up with the love of God and a heart of self-giving. Includes a parent’s guide to meditation, stories for children that delight and inspire, and answers to children’s questions about God.

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 In this book, Sri Chinmoy presents a fresh and original perspective on various aspects of Yoga and the spiritual life. Written in a practical vein, it offers the newcomer as well as the advanced seeker some deep and penetrating insights into Eastern mysticism and philosophy.

The latter half of the book contains questions and answers on the soul and the inner life. These have been drawn from thousands of university lectures and public meditations given by Sri Chinmoy.
Ideally suited for travel reading.

Topics include: Our Peace Is Within, Your Soul's Special Mission, The aim of life, What Is Spirituality?, What is Yoga?, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga and What is God's Plan.
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The Source of Music

In the first part of this book Sri Chinmoy explores the spiritual dimensions of music. He presents music as a vehicle to expand one's consciousness and as the living expression of the divine Consciousness within. Whether you are a musician or simply a music-lover, his advice and guidance will help you use the power of music to get in touch with your highest self.

Part two explores the use of mantra and japa for spiritual growth and fulfillment. Detailed instructions on their use include specific mantras for spiritual progress, health, wealth and more.

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Kundalini: The Mother-Power

En route to his own realisation, Sri Chinmoy attained mastery over the kundalini and occult powers. In this book he reveals the qualities, characteristics, sounds and colors of each of the seven chakras.

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The Summits of God-Life: Samadhi and Siddhi

This book represents one of the very few genuine accounts of the inner universe - the universe beyond space and time, beyond all mental formulation. It is not a philosophical or theoretical book, but a vivid description of the spiritual reality by a Yogi who makes his home there.

Topics include: Consciousness, infinity, God-realisation, samadhi, bliss, the inner universe and human transformation.

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The Jewels of Happiness

(currently out of stock)

The Jewels of Happiness is a treasure chest of wisdom and joy - a compilation of succinct and insightful pieces of prose, practical exercises and uplifting aphorisms and verse, many of them published for the first time. Addressing themes such as peace, enthusiasm and love, the self-contained chapters combine to create a wonderful tapestry of inspiration.

Sri Chinmoy's easy-to-follow exercises, based on perennial ancient wisdom, are truly pertinent for the modern era and perfectly suited to our fast-paced lives - his amazing ability to offer positive help and insight speaks to each reader as if the words were written just for them.  

“These sweet gems of wisdom by my dear friend Sri Chinmoy are timeless truths full of encouragement, love and goodness.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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Read by world luminaries:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Singer Roberta Flack, Grammy Award winning producer Narada Michael Walden, Olympian Carl Lewis, Mr Universe Bill Pearl and others.

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Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

This classic introduction remains an enduring favourite. With the simplicity and clarity that is the hallmark of Sri Chinmoy’s writings, this comprehensive guide takes you from the first stages of concentration and meditation through the advanced practice of contemplation. Topics include:

  • Meditation techniques that anyone can learn
  • How to unfold your deepest spiritual self
  • Developing your power of concentration
  • How to find and keep lasting peace of mind
  • How to break through negative emotions like anger and fear
  • Awakening the heart center to discover the power of your soul

. . . plus a special section in which Sri Chinmoy answers 150 questions on a wide range of experiences often encountered in meditation.

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my life's soul-journey

This popular volume was compiled from thousands of pages of Sri Chinmoy's prolific output. It can be read daily, year after year. For each day of the year, you can turn to a concise spiritual thought, an insightful explanatory passage, and a contemplative poem. Each day's offering resonates in tune with the innate goodness of humanity and encourages the reader to bring this goodness to the fore.

Topics include: adversity, ambition, beauty, confidence, discipline, ego, forgiveness, grace, healing, intuition, joy, pride, prosperity, and many more.

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Although today's world class athletes may have reached the current
physical limits of the human body, the spiritual resources hidden deeper
within still remain untapped.

In this remarkable book, spiritual teacher and athlete Sri Chinmoy reveals
the inner aspect of sport - a dimension that everyone can add to his or
her current physical and mental training. It is this new dimension that
enables us to enhance our physical performance,but also makes our
satisfaction from sport deep and lasting.

Throughout this book, you will meet world champions such as Carl Lewis,
Tatyana Lebedeva, Tegla Loroupe, Bill Pearl and Paul Tergat, sharing their
own inner secrets and spiritual perspective on training and competition.
RRP AU$31.95 191pp. / The Golden Shore Read excerpt...

Inspiration Magnets


Beautiful nature images with Sri Chinmoy's inspiring aphorisms.
Magnet Dimensions 9cm x 7 cm.

Display Stand
Holds 60 Magnets
38cm x 10cm x 17.5 cm

Aphorism Cards



These beautifully presented boxes contain a collection of 56 inspirational cards from the pen of Sri Chinmoy. The cards are decorated with Sri Chinmoy's delightful prints, called Jharna Kalas or Fountain-Art.

RRP AU$9.95 Sri Chinmoy Centres Australia 2018

Music of Sri Chinmoy

Aum Ocean Meditation CD

Track 1. Experience the universal harmony and transforming power of Aum in all its wonder, as life’s river flows into the infinite cosmic ocean of the beyond. 30 minutes.

Track 2. Let the divine music-bird of the flute-voice merge you in eternal oneness and carry you like a free bird into the infinity of Aum. 29 minutes. Listen to Aum Ocean Meditation sample...

RRP AU$19.95 Sri Chinmoy Centres Australia

Flute Music for Meditation CD

Flute Music for Meditation

Sri Chinmoy's solo flute compositions created in a high meditative state.

Perfect ambient music for meditation and quiet reflection. 40 minutes. Listen to flute music sample...

RRP AU$19.95 / Sri Chinmoy Centres Australia

Books on Ayurveda


(currently out of stock - new copies arriving in November)

Provides an insight into the ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda and how these principles are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.
Inside you will be able to discover your own mind/body constitution and understand how to create a life of balance in harmony with your own nature.

Author: Kumudini Shoba
RRP AU$19.95 95PP / Service-Plants USA Read excerpt...