"Senshibanko" literally: 'Thousand Purple and Ten thousand Red'.
Metaphorically: 'All Sorts of Flowers'.

These beautiful incenses have been especially made for Incense of the
World by Japanese master incense craftsman Masahiro Yamada.
Each incense is fragranced witha single, high quality essential oil. 60
incense sticks, approx 30 min burning time.
100% natural.


A joyful and uplifting fragrance derived from the essential oil of Yuzu.
A highly prized citrus fruit native to Japan. Sometimes called a "Japanese


A beautifully sweet and cooling incense.
Jasmine opens the heart and calms the nerves.


Sweet and inspiring. Lotus essential oil opens the heart to the Divine.
From the muddy depths of lakes the lotus grows offering it beauty and
fragrance to all.
In the east the lotus has been considered for millennia to represent spiritual renewal and enlightenment.


Soft, sweet and soothing.
Rose essential oil opens the heart, lifts the spirits and cools and
balances the emotions.