Meditation Incense

Honoka / Silhouette

A beautifully soft smokeless incense.
A perfect blend of Sandalwood, Frankincense & scented herbs.
150 sticks, approx. 30 minutes burning time.


Sandal of a quality once reserved for kings.
240 sticks, approx. 25 mins burning time.
An exquisitely soft and pure Sandalwood incense created from the world's finest Mysore Sandalwood.
This patented smokeless formula emits only the true fragrance with no tar or "wood-fire" smell.
Perfect for meditation.


Excellent for meditation.
100 Sticks, approx. 65 min burning time.
Wrapped in traditional rice paper.
A traditional incense fragrance treasured in Imperial Japan.

Moss Garden

Moss Garden

Perfect for meditation and quiet reflection.
80 sticks, approx. 65 min burning time.
The soft, sweet and meditative fragrance of a Japanese Garden in spring.
Contains Sandalwood, Patchouli, Benzoin and sweet spices.

Sacred Tree


Excellent for meditation.
80 sticks, approx. 70min burning time.
The soft contemplative aroma of refined, mature Sandalwood.